To pass on to people of all races, religions and cultures - all citizens of Planet Earth, business people, politicians, presidents, prime ministers, kings and queens - the powerful messages I receive in my dreams and visions.

To tell the world where mankind came from, where we are now, and where we are going spiritually and politically.

To teach the ways of asking Spirit why we were born and put on this Earth.

To show all Nations that World Peace is possible without the use of weapons of war and how weapons of war begin in the hearts of each human being.

To speak about why man has written himself from time immemorial, and continues to write to this very hour, such a bloody history.

To speak of healing and peacemaking.

To share the deeper meanings of Love, Truth, Justice and Peace as given to us by Our Creator, Ancestors, and Spirits.

To speak of the role of a leader in any position of power such as chiefs, governors, bishops, church ministers, spirit mediums, etc...

To answer the question, "Who is our neighbor?"

To offer physical and spiritual healing as given to me by Our Creator and Our Ancestors.

To consult with Spirit about my work in this world on behalf of the world.

To teach the way of serving Spirit through ritual, ceremony and prayer.