Daré, a word from the Shona language, indicates a gathering together of community to give and receive healing to one another and the community at large - to share ideas, stories, dreams and gifts; to create and to celebrate; to honor Spirit - and between us, to find the wisdom to proceed on a path of peacemaking. 

Daré is composed of all the members of the community: living and non-living, visible and invisible, human and non-human - the people, trees, plants, animals, stones and elementals. When all the Beings gather, Daré come to be. 

The inspiration for North American Darés came from Zimbabwe where indigenous healer Mandaza Kandemwa was instructed through dreams and visions to collaborate with other healers across boundaries of tribe, gender, skin color and country. The form of each Daré is different depending on the needs and culture of the community where it is held.

In Africa, Darés are held to receive guidance from Spirit when troubles hit, or to give thanks for the good times, or for Elders to share messages from the spirits. Everyday Darés teach the people how to handle life as directed by Spirit. Dream sharing and story telling are central to African Darés.