Mandaza Augustine Kandemwa was born a Svikiro (in Shona, his native tongue), a carrier of many earth and water spirits, and a Mhondoro, one who is in constant prayer on behalf of others. He is guided by the water and lion spirits.

As a vessel of the Spirits, Mandaza receives visions and dreams, makes offerings, performs healing rituals, and serves as a messenger for the Ancient Ones. 

Mandaza teaches us to become "living prayers" to be in service of the One Spirit that exists in all things. He lives in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and travels internationally as a Peacemaker.

...water spirits...come out of the body of God...they are his angels...
Mandaza Kandemwa

traditional healer 
Zimbabwean Mandaza Kandemwa brings his message of peace to South Africa

In a recent article in the South African Sunday Times, Mandaza Kandemwa shared his wisdom in an interview. His powerful message expands our perspective of peacemaking and our interconnectedness to the health and well-being of Mother Earth and humanity.

"Build relationships with Mother Nature, become an offering yourself. Go sit by that mountain; she enjoys your company. Sit by the river; she is your teacher. ” This was the message of Mandaza Kandemwa, a Zimbabwean peacemaker and healer, who led a retreat at the Dharmagiri, a Buddhist retreat centre on sacred land once inhabited by the San people, in the Southern Drakensberg on the border of Lesotho...

Mandaza believes displacement from the natural world is central to humankind ’s confusion and suffering. “How can a peacemaker be free when Mother Earth is being abused? How can we be free and at peace when the waters of the world are being polluted? The movement of the earth, the movements of the clouds happens within the body of a peacemaker. My body is my connector with everything .”...

“The spirits are saying there is no time for us to talk about the beauty of oneness, to write about the beauty of peace. That time is over. Become the story yourself. Miracles will happen. We live in a world of mysteries.”


New e-book available:
 The World of Nature: A Guide to Listening with the Ears of Your Heart
Baba’s message about Coronavirus 2020: 
"Heal Your Relationship with Self, Others, & Nature"
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